HIP: Honouring Indigenous Peoples

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HIP was created by Rotarians in Southern Ontario in partnership and consultation with a number of indigenous people. We are honouring indigenous people by supporting their educational efforts and encouraging all Canadians to be aware of indigenous issues, history and culture.

In our work we are guided by the initial treaties that are represented by the wampum belts that were historically exchanged by indigenous and non-indigenous people in North America. There are many wampum belts.

The Two Row Wampum belt is a treaty representing friendship, peace and respect. This belt has two purple lines symbolizing a canoe and a European ship travelling down the river of life together. The canoe carries the laws, spirituality and way of life for the First Nations or indigenous people and the ship carries the laws, religion and way of life of the Europeans, the North American settlers. It is understood that each should travel side by side, co-existing in mutual respect and harmony.

The Two Row Wampum belt is an original agreement to honour friendship, peace and respect. We hope the actions coming from our combined initiative will help to reconcile the past and create harmony in the future. We are hopeful every Rotary Club and Rotarian in Canada will join us and help to lead the way for all Canadians, and that, in turn, all Canadians will join with us.

Will you join with us ?