Canadian Youth Reconciliation Barometer 2019 - Environics Institute


Canada's relationship with the Indigenous Peoples who first inhabited this land continues to be largely unresolved and fraught with controversy. While today's reality is much improved from that of previous generations, there are currently a host of unresolved issues, ranging education reform in Aboriginal communities, proposed pipelines crossing native lands, treaty rights and land claims.

In 2019, where do we stand? The past few years have witnessed many expressed commitments of goodwill and intent, dialogues and discussions have taken place, and programs launched. At the same time, it is unclear what impact these efforts have had, and what progress has been achieved with respect to the awareness, attitudes and actions of individuals, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous. And, perhaps most importantly, what is the perspective of the country's youth - the emerging generation on whose shoulders the promise and challenges of reconciliation rests most directly?

The Canadian Youth Reconciliation Barometer is a new social research study intended to establish benchmark indicators for the state of reconciliation among the country's youth that can also provide a foundation for monitoring progress over time. The primary focus of this research is on beliefs, attitudes, priorities, behaviours and experiences as they pertain to relevant dimensions of Indigenous-non-Indigenous relations and reconciliation in particular. This initiative is a joint venture of the Environics Institute for Survey Research, Canadian Roots Exchange (CRE), and the MasterCard Foundation.

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