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COVID-19 Updates from Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre




Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre

We all work together to help one another.


COVID-19 Response Issue 2 - May 4, 2020

"Greet each day humbly, giving all thanks to the Creator."

Challenging times such as these undoubtedly bring a shared sense of

precariousness. No matter how stable our perceived footing, the financial,

mental and emotional pitfalls that are so constant these days can besiege even the strongest individuals at a moment’s notice. It is with that ingrained humility we continue to perform our vital outreach work for our community’s most vulnerable citizens.

We begin this week’s report, with an update on the assembly and delivery of our Ma Mawi Emergency kits. This work has continued unabated and the needs are greater than ever.

During the week of April 20-27, we delivered the following:

  • o 3035 Total Emergency Food Kits
  • o 53 Emergency Food Kits to New Families in Our Care
  • o 416 Emergency Food Kits to Elders
  • o 275 Emergency Food Kits to Children under the age of 5
  • o Since March 19 we have delivered over 20,000+ Emergency Food Kits

These are just some of the remarkable numbers we are seeing on a weekly basis. The work is also not going unnoticed or unappreciated. One of the fathers in our Family Group Conferencing (FGC) program was quick to share his gratitude for our current heart medicine work.

"During this time of quarantine, my FGC Mentor continues to support me, daily phone calls, home visits, delivering essential items, I have really missed being at the Bears Den at King Street which is my safe place, but I am grateful my FGC Mentor continues to support me through this, they have made it a little easier to deal with, they didn’t forget about us and for that I appreciate them so much more, thank you Ma Mawi!"

Every member of our community is precious. However, we are more than mindful of the toll the COVID-19 Pandemic is taking on our Elders. Imagine not being able to be in the same room, let alone not being allowed to hold your children or grandchildren. So many of our Elders also thrive in communal surroundings. Events like pow wows, feasts and even bingos are now on hold indefinitely. This kind of isolation coupled with the physical vulnerability our Elders have to the coronavirus is difficult at best.

Our Elders are invaluable resources. Not only as parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles, but also as keepers of history and traditional knowledge. Their advice and wisdom mean so much during turbulent times. With all of this in mind, one of our staff members, Anthony Niigganii, from Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata’s Centre’s Winnipeg Friendship Centre Program collaborated with another colleague to come up with a unique initiative to help let our Elders know they are not forgotten or alone during their isolation.

They created cut out "hugs" to be included in our emergency kits destined for Elders. Anthony put out a video call to come adorn the "hugs" with messages of love and encouragement. The response was amazing and the completed "hugs" are now being delivered.

There are so many amazing initiatives and stories that have emerged since commencing our COVID-19 response efforts. Many of those are come from the efforts of our ever-growing volunteer base.

In this report, we want to introduce you to Vince Sansregret. Since we started our emergency food service in March, Vince has been volunteering with Ma Mawi, six days a week. At the beginning of April, we started preparing food kits for community members housed at The Kings and Mount Royal hotels in the downtown core. Vince stepped up to help deliver 42 emergency kits to those hotels. It should be noted, that these buildings have little in the way of amenities including no access to stoves or refrigerators.

Vince quickly learned that for many of the occupants, the emergency kits are their only consistent meal of the day. Vince tells us that at first, the folks living in the hotels were apprehensive to receive their kits. Now after several weeks of service and human connection, they look forward to seeing him every day. Vince has also added the Sutherland Hotel to his rounds. Vince, we are so grateful for the gifts you bring and for opening your heart.

Gratitude forms the basis of all that we doing at this time. We rely so much on the continued support of our funders and donors to help see us through this global health crisis.

This week, we have to give special acknowledgement and gratitude to a new corporate partner. In a joint announcement with the Province of Manitoba, TELUS has stepped up with a donation of tablets and data plans to be used by our younger community members who are having to continue their schooling at home and on-line. Ma Mawi will receive 11 tablets and they will be dispersed to children in our care homes. A donation like this can give a child a glimpse of hope under the most difficult of circumstances. We are beyond grateful to now ensure children are connected to their families.

However, the needs are still significant. All indications are, we will be dealing with this pandemic for many months to come and we are in urgent need of a number of items to support the people we serve such as;

    • o Cleaning supplies and laundry soap
    • o Hygiene items including body wash, toothpaste & razors
  • o Baby shampoo and diapers
  • o Porridge, Cereal and Peanut butter and jam

For more information on our current needs or for ways you can help us carry out our life-saving efforts, please visit https://www.mamawi.com/opportunities/donate/

One of our core values is reciprocity. We know first hand how vital it is to openly ask and receive help. Whatever your support looks like, know that it is being accepted with graciousness and humility.

Miigwetch, Ekosani, Wopida, Thank you and Merci!




Dear Friends & Supporters,


We hope this email finds you safe and healthy.
The coronavirus (COVID-19), which has been classified by the World Health Organization as a pandemic, has spread throughout much of our world. While the number of diagnosed cases in Canada, compared with other countries, is relatively low, the situation is evolving on a daily basis and even changing by the hour. The Federal and Provincial Governments, and medical advisors, are asking all Canadians to take stronger measures to contain the spread of the virus.
We do not know what the future holds and the implications for all of us are serious and concerning, including those facing financial hardship. As Indigenous and Non-Indigenous partners, we are committed to working together to battle COVID-19 for the well-being of our communities. To that end, we encourage each of you to consider three actions:


  1. Reach out by phone or video conference to check on your Indigenous and Non-Indigenous friends. Is there anything you can do to support them? During isolation, a simple conversation can make a world of difference.
  2. Connect with local Indigenous communities, including First Nations and Indigenous organizations in urban and rural areas to explore ideas on how you can partner together to tackle the challenges caused by COVID-19 within your communities. Likewise, Indigenous communities and organizations can reach out to local Rotary Clubs. Collaboration and sharing resources will produce greater benefits and result in less duplication and overlap, increased efficiency and effectiveness with the ability to solve complex problems in shorter time frames.
  3. Make a donation to HIP’s COVID-19 FUND by visiting https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/HIP/campaign/hip-covid-19-fund/ . HIP and its services are needed more today than ever. We continue to leverage our supporters and contacts to facilitate delivery of resources to those in need. This includes funding for food-banks, connections for hand-sanitizer, supporting education and delivery of needed supplies. As the situation evolves, this fund will allow HIP to support those most in need.


Keep us apprised of your activities. We are looking forward to hearing from you and will post reports and pictures on our social media and in our upcoming newsletters.
We want to reach as many people as possible and would be grateful if you would forward this email to your contacts. Together we can make a difference.


Chi Miigwetch / Thank you
John Currie, Executive Director &
Chris Snyder, Chair on behalf of the Board of Directors.


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