Rotary Club of Cobourg

Educational Needs: Martyn Homer, Chair of the Literacy Committee


The Literacy Committee included in it's original budget at the start of our Rotary year (July 1st), an amount to assist Alderville with its Literacy/Educational needs. After much discussion and meetings, it was decided to request funds for a practical solution to our objective. So, instead of awards we thought it much better to offer things that would actually assist their students with their work so Acer Chromebooks was the choice of Alderville. In addition, there was a need for books - especially those referencing The Truth and Reconciliation Commission. During this process, the Youth Services Committee had decided they also wanted to have an initiative dealing with Alderville. After a coupl of meetings, the two committees decided that this Literacy objective was very worthwhile and it should proceed. Even with two committees sharing the funding request, there was still not sufficient funds to meet this objective 100% and so the Cobourg Police Services Board stepped in with a promise to fun the balance.

On April 7, 2017, the two Rotary committees will present the Alderville First Nation with a cheque for $4,000 and at a later date in April, the Police Services Board will present a cheque for $1,138. What started out as a fairly small project has grown to a very meaningful contribution to the Alderville First Nation and one it is hoped will pay dividends in the future lives of Alderville students.


Flotilla for Friendship: Paul Vandegraaf, Chair of Youth Services Committee

This collaborative aboriginal youth and police relationship building initiative is bringing together police services from across Northumberland. The goal is to have police officers volunteer to spend a day paired with an aboriginal youth canoeing on one of our waterways. It is hoped that this program will help youth develop trust and allow participating officers to experience some of our First Nation culture.

The Rotary Club of Cobourg contributed $1,500 towards this endeavour, partnering with Cobourg Police. The other participating police services are expected to raise and contribute funds/resources to this initiative.