HIP was founded to educate both indigenous and non-indigenous people. We are 100 percent dependent and sustained by the activism and generous donations of people like you. Membership funds raised are applied directly to basic administrative operations and most importantly our communication activities including, but not limited to, our website, social media and e-letter.  Surplus funds are allocated to HIP educational activities.

Becoming a Member:  HIP offers an opportunity and a place for those who want to be part of creating a different future for Canada, and who believe now is the time. HIP, Rotary and our circle of partners create opportunties and forums for this to happen. Members are expected to comply with HIP’s values and principles.

Rotary clubs, community organizations, businesses and Individuals can beceome a lifetime member for $100. Members receive the following benefits: 

• Access to current and existing HIP programs
• Information about other education programs you can join
• An opportunity to obtain partners(other Rotary Clubs or outside partnerships)
• Guidelines on how to work with the indigenous community
• Awareness, ideas and materials on our “go-to” website
• Partner with HIP in providing educational opportunities of indigenous people
• Access to ready-made PowerPoint presentations
• Updates on current HIP activities
• A facility for providing charitable taxable receipts

Yes, I would like to become a member of HIP and support educational opportunities for indigenous people and create awareness for all Canadians of indigenous history, issues and culture..

HIP Membership Information

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Club Membership

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Your cheque of $100.00 should be made payable to HIP.  

Please send to  Julie Dunaiskis, 100 Simcoe St., Suite 110, Toronto, ON  
M5H 3G2    
416-364-0181 Ext. 2500