Below is a short list of a few things you can do either as a Rotarian or non-Rotarian. This list is endless. Please send us your suggestions and we will add to the list.

1) Make an effort to educate yourself about current and past history through books(our reading list is highly recommended), links, our website about indigenous people.

2) Attend a pow wow.

3) Take time to seek out or speak with and listen to and understand an indigenous person. Ask questions.  This could even be the unfortunate person on the street. Everyone has a story to tell.

4) Invite an indigenous person to speak to your Rotary Club – better still, seek indigenous people to become a member.

5) Create a committee in your club and district and partner in a project.

6) Visit a reserve or Native Child & Family Services Centre in your area.

7) Try to dispel myths about the indigenous people.

8) Visit a Friendship Centre in your community(see links).

9) Make an effort to talk to other indigenous people. Have them go to the HIP website.

10) Get involved politically if you are so inclined. Take a stand on an issue. Note, HIP does not get involved in political issues.

11) Put on a forum in your community.

12) Provide us and others with your success stories and ideas.

13) Visit, discuss and get involved in a project with your local indigenous community.

14) Read the papers particularly the Globe & Mail - do not dwell on the negative issues - there are many good things happening.

15) Tell your friends about what we are doing and get them interested.


One of the goals of HIP Honouring Indigenous People is to increase amongst Rotarians and Canadians awareness of the culture and history ofindigenous people, and of the diverse issues concerning them.

To this end, we have compiled a list of recommended reading and web linksfor those wishing to learn and understand more about the indigenous world. We also have created a brief history of indigenous people in Canada and created a glossary of terms.

If you wish to access a project, please go to Approved Projects or if you would like to get your project approved, go to Pitch Your Project.