Recommended Media/Films/Documentaries:


Recommended You Tube Videos:

1.  Ask Me You Tube Video by Julie Marinelli

"She's got a story to tell, 100 years asleep, you might see bruises on her shins, you might need to know the beginning, she's got a story to tell, she's a child of the children.." 

A very powerful video we thought we would share.  This video was presented at Louis Riel School Division's family of schools PD.  The video was done by Rose Bird, and Julie Cote-Marinelli, J.H. Bruns Collegiate Vice Principal.  They had a number of LRSD friends and allies join in.  Julie is the voice you hear singing. 


2.  It's Not Your Fault by Raven Davis

This video was created as a result of the liberal government's announcement of an inquiry on missing and murdered aboriginal women. Canadians voiced their opinions. These are the comments read online with 20 minutes. it's not your fault is a short movie about the violence of online comments made towards indigenous people, specifically about indigenous women of canada, and the negligence of online social media outlets allowing hate speech. it's not your fault is a personal response recorded, edited and performed by raven, as an indigenous person who has experienced violence by both indigenous and non-indigenous men.


3.DAREarts Webequie Youth 2016 Song - "We Are One"

Over 23 high school youth in Webequie FN put their sticks to the ice and reclaimed the game of hockey with DAREarts! In one whirlwind week, they painted goalie masks then wrote, recorded and choreographed this song that explores traditional values, identity and leadership. They performed at their community's powow!


4. DAREarts Webequie Youth Present Ashinaabe Dreams

 "We'll know ourselves through our dreams. " Anishinaabe Dreams by DAREarts Webequie First Nation youth is part of the DAREarts Spirit Bear project. Through their own voices, the song and video is a testament to the connections that Webequie youth feel to their history and culture, and the pride they have in their ancestry. DAREarts is a national children's charity with arts and leadership programs that empower kids to be leaders. In 21 years DAREarts has reached over 200,000 yount people in underserved communities. Our Indigenous youthneed something to look forward to and DAREarts is an investment in hope that will last forever. "DAREarts always comes back".


5.  One Laptop Per Child Canada Call to ActionOne

The OLPC Canada team is excited to share a new animated video highlighting some of the inspiring outcomes when Indigenous students are connected with educational technology. Please help us build awareness of this initiative by sharing this video on Facebook.


6.  Wawahte Documentary-Stories of Residential Schools Survivors

Wawahte is an educational documentary based on the book of the same title by Robert P. Wells, first published in 2012.  It tells the story of Indian Residential Schools from the perspective of three of its survivors.


7.   Attawapiskata Youth and DAREarts

A group of youths from Vezina High School are reclaiming their voice by releasing a music video Called Walking for Peace the work addresses the youths' frustration with the ongoing suicide crisis in their community.  See the link to view the video: 


8.  Up Ghost River Trailer

The video trailer for Up Ghost River, winner of the CBC Bookie Award for non-fiction - authored by Edmund Metatawabin and Alexandra Shimo 


9.  GRAND Project - Grand River Arts

 The video trailer for GRAND Project at Six Nations of the Grand River Territory 

A teacher from Six Nations began a relationship project reaching to a class in Caledonia to begin a pen pal initiative between the youth. Pen Pals, embraced by organizations, schools, teachers and students has evolved yearly and includes approximately 1800 students annually. Check our Approved Projects tab to read more about this project. 


10.  Adventure in Understanding on Cogeco TV

Be sure to watch All Around the Town on CogecoTV series. Watch some great stories from Peterborough, Lindsay & The Kawarthas.  This is a clip from our episode about "Adventure in Understanding 2016". A five day canoe trip from Peterborough to Curve Lake First Nation. The trip brought together a diverse group of cultures and sent them on an unforgettable journey.

October 6, 2016

October 11, 2016


11.   Finding Heart - National Centre for Truth & Reconciliation - April 1, 2016

A story about Residential Schools 


12.  Human Library @ Fort Richmond Collegiate

Shaw tv checks out a human library at Fort Richmond Collegiate where instead of reading books, students talk with "human books", and have conversations with people about important issues.


13.   Gabrielle Scrimsaw - 3 Things About the Aboriginal Community     


14.    oneXone First Nations Breakfast Program     

(link to come)

The video begins with Elizabeth McLeod, the daughter of a Rotarian who works in Thunder Bay, interviewing Principal, Barbara Dennis. Elizabeth volunteered to travel to the community and do the interview. The program has been supported by the Rotary Club of Burlington North and other clubs in District 7080 annually. It is a great example of partnering together to make a program work. Thank you to all involved.


 15.    Winnipeg Elementary School Kids March for Peace

HIP Director, David Newman in Winnipeg was involved in a march by school kids on Sept. 15th in celebration of Global Peace Day on Sept. 21st. Over a thousand children from different backgrounds.


 16.    Winnipeg Peace Days 2017

HIP Director, David Newman in Winnipeg has been involved in Peace Days every September over a number of years. Peace Days exists for all persons who believe in a culture of peace and compassion. A video provides an overview of Peace Days roots.


 17.    TVO (Steve Palkin "The Agenda")

Being young and Indigenous in Thunder Bay: Ontario Hubs producer finds out about the lives of Indigenous students boarding with families in Thunder Bay.



18.    Questions and Answers about the Sixties Scoop Settlement  - Air Date April 14, 2018

We understand that many individuals have concerns and questions regarding the Sixties Scoop Settlement. Kenn Richard, Executive Director, Native Child and Family Services of Toronto sat down with Raven Sinclair, a Sixties Scoop adoptee, and Jeffrey WIlson, Lead Counsel on the Ontario Sixties Scoop class action, for an open and honest conversation regarding the Sixties Scoop settlement.



19.     Radioactive Waste and Canada's First Nations  - April 23, 2018

Grand Chief Patrick Madahbee of the Anishinabek Nation and four Chiefs of the Mohawk Nation attending the UN event will cite the letter to the IAEA and will ask the UN to determine whether Canada's radioactive waste plans are in violation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which calls for "free, prior and informed consent: when toxic materials are stored on indigenous lands.



Recommended Documentary Films:

1. Third World Canada - The Movie by Andree Cazabon

3 Suicides leave 8 siblings orphaned in a First Nations community struggling with 3rd World conditions.  Set in the backdrop of the aftermath of the suicide of three parents, the documentary explores the impact of 3rd world conditions on the children left behind and a community's courage in looking after them.
Running time: 45 minutes
© All rights reserved - Productions Cazabon - 2010

Executive Producer, Director, Writer: Andrée Cazabon
Cinematographer, Editor: Peter Shatalow

Filmed in Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug, Ontario
With the Assistance of: the Ontario Art Council, the Law Foundation of Ontario, Laidlaw Foundation and the Atkinson Charitable Foundation

15% of all sales are donated directly to children in First Nations communities and those who work with them.

 2. Niigaanibatowaad: FrontRunners - Lori Lewis (2007)

At a special ceremony during the opening of the 1999 Pan Am Games in Winnipge, seven First Nations men entered the stadium in war canoes. One of them held the torch. In 1967 when Winnipeg first hosted the Games, ten outstanding athletic teen boys (nine which were from residential schools) were chosen to run 800 km over an ancient message route with the torch. When the runners arrived at the stadium, they were not allowed to enter with the torch. Instead, a non-Indigenous runner was given the honour. Thirty-two years later, the province of Manitoba issued an official apology.  Niigaanibatowaad is about the segregation of the Indigenous athletes and the despair and abuse suffered in the school system. It is a story about survival, hope, reconciliation and a dream for a new beginning that transcends hatred and racism.

The film can be purchased from the National Film Board  ( for private viewing or public screenings.


3.    We Were Children: Reactions from Residential School Survivors and Other Viewers - Tim Wolochatiuk (2013)

The NFB released We Were Children, a feature drama examining the profound impact of the Residential School system through the eyes of two survivors, Lyna and Glen.

When the film was released, some survivors were appalled their stories were being fictionalized for the entertainment of the masses. Others, reporting their childhood traumas had never been taken serious, felt heard and vindicated, while some of their descendants said the film helped them finally put their difficult family puzzles together.

Lest we remain, in the words of Marie Wilson, a commissioner with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, "comfortably blind" when it comes to Canada's Residential School system. Only the truth, it is said, will set you free.

Available for rent from the NFB -


 4.    DAREARTS Fill My Hollow Bones - Published Aug. 26, 2016

Narrated by Graham Greene, Fill My Hollow Bones chronicles a DAREarts program that challenges youth in Webequie, a remote northern Ontario community, to reclaim their inner strength through creative projects, guided by teachers, artists and community elders. Intensive week-long workshops, motivate them to develop confidence and skills through photography, film making, music, dance, poetry and community performances. The youths' progress over three years is staggering as they breathe new life into community which had been struggling for so long to overcome high suicide rates among its youth.

Fill My Hollow Bones demonstrates the power of the arts to unlock potential in  youth to ignite change. The film's very title comes from a poem written and performed by a young girl who inspires us to fill our inner selves with strength so that we can stand tall in the face of adversity. The film is a testatment to the ability and determination of a community's youth to change their course and our country's destiny.


5.     CBC The Current: Solving the Puzzle: Indigenous Groups Offer Solutions - Air Date January 25, 2018

CBC The Current: Solving the Puzzle: Indigenous groups offer solutions to foster care crisis. On the Nisichawayasihk Cree First Nation in Northern Manitoba, the local child services organization has an innovative solution to deal with child welfare: take the parents, and not the children, out of homes where children are deemed to be at risk.

As Indigenous leaders, child and family services groups and politicians convene in Ottawa for an emergency meeting called by Indigenous Services Minister Jane Philpott to address what she has called a "humanitarian crisis" of children taken into care, many Indigenous groups are sharing the solutions they have found.

"I don't think anyone should go through their life trying to put together their own puzzle." - Jay Lomax, Seventies Scoop survivor.




Nation to Nation National Summit- Ottawa



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