Exponential with Amanda Lang - July 2019

Interview with HIP Chair, Chris Snyder on his book Creating Opportunities: A Volunteers Memoir and his many decades of volunteering around the world including with the Indigenous communities. 




How to Change Systemic Racism in Canada - That Begins With Learning

Nation Talk - April 4, 2019

What does racism look like in Canada? In this web series called "First Things First," Cindy Blackstock, executive director of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada, tells us the story of Jordan River Anderson and why she continues to fight the Canadian government to gain rights for Indigenous children.




On May 9, 2017 PsPP interviewed Bob Rae on behalf of Honouring Indigenous Peoples (HIP) initiative. The interview took place in his office on the University Avenue, not too far away from his former office in Queen’s Park, while he served as the 21st Premier of Ontario. Bob had been a politician and a statesman until recent years and played important roles provincially and federally in public life. He currently works with First Nations across Canada as a legal counsel, advisor, negotiator, and arbitrator.

We have started our conversation by asking him to think back to his school years in Ottawa and during the time he was in the University of Toronto’s Law Faculty, what was the perception of indigenous identity in public eye and continued with the topics related to cultural assimilation, multiculturalism in the context of whether or not they worked for the indigenous communities, indigenous population growth in urban areas and what it means from the perspective of Indian Act and self governance. We hope you will enjoy our conversation.



In March 2017, PsPP interviewed Kenn Richard on behalf of Honouring Indigenous Peoples (HIP) initiative. The conversation started with talking about his personal narrative. His family comes from one of Manitoba's oldest Metis settlements, St Francis Xavier situated approximately 15 miles west of Winnipeg on the banks of the Assiniboine River. Moving to Toronto in 1978, he became one of the original founders of Native Child and Family Services of Toronto, an off-reserve child welfare agency and a full member of Children's Aid Society today. In 1988 he became the agency's first Executive Director and remains in that position. During our conversation, we talked about his agency, "Sixties Scoop" and many other current indigenous issues. The podcast can be accessible via below orange play button. Hope you enjoy it!




On October 21, 2016, The Rotary Club of Toronto hosted The Right Honourable Paul Martin as guest speaker at a special luncheon in Toronto. The focus of his speech was around the work of the Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative.  A podcast was made that can be heard below.

A Conversation with The Right Honourable Paul Martin  






On February 5, 2016, PsPP met with the Honouring Indigenous People (HIP).The Chair of the board, Chris Snyder, and the board member, Tim Thompson, of HIP answered our questions pertaining to their recently established initiative.

HIP — Honouring Indigenous People    https://medium.com/p/60799e56be66?source=emailShare-11903148844b-1
PsPP podcast  



In July 2015, PsPP interviewed John Andras, the chair of the Aboriginal Service Committee of The Rotary Club of Toronto. This special committee allows and invites the club members to engage in the process of Truth and Reconciliation. At their meetings, the committee members regularly invite indigenous leaders to educate them on their history, on current realities and how best to serve.