Our wish is to assist, not dictate. While we operate as partners, our projects must be owned by the Indigenous people. The indigenous people must participate at all levels.

1. We are sensitive in all our words and actions to the damage done by the residential school system. We respect that the healing process for many is still ongoing and there is still much reconciliation to be done. We aim to be part of this process.

2. We acknowledge skepticism and hesitation around our motives as part of the bridge building process. Trust needs to be established, will take time and is best done through developing strong relationships.

3. We value the spirituality and respect for the Earth our Indigenous partners represent.

4. We stay out of politics.

5. We understand, recognize and support the desire by the youth to learn of their indigenous roots, history and culture.

6. We recognize culture at each talking circle and where possible open with a reading story or mediation.

7. We continually increase our indigenous knowledge about the culture, customs, history and issues of indigenous peoples. We also understand the respect held for elders, and that each community may have separate elected and hereditary chiefs.

8. We do not promise more than we can deliver.

9. We understand indigenous issues are prevalent both in rural and urban areas and not every indigenous community is the same.

We follow the core values in the Rotary 4-way test and 7 Sacred Grandfather Teachings (outlined separately).