1. HIP will have a board with a minimum of 10 and maximum of 15 people of which 50% will be indigenous and 50% Rotarian, each having one vote.Decisions are made by consensus (80%). The selection of Rotarians will be initially drawn from the five districts. The board will ensure the mission statement and guiding principles are understood and adhered to by all members. The bios of the current board are listed separately. The board, in part, will:

a) Encourage other clubs, indigenous groups and community friends to join;

b) Provide and promote an exchange of ideas and projects with other Rotary/indigenous community groups;

c) Develop an appropriate plan for providing support to the organization through voluntary or paid staff;

d) Advise non-Rotarians of our goals;

e) Help educate Rotarians and others about indigenous issues;

f) Provide clubs with possible projects;

g) Seek a large project in which a number of clubs can participate;

h) Help create partnership opportunities for clubs and encourage clubs to seek partners with other Rotary clubs and indigenous people and groups,and other interested community groups;

i) Help Rotary clubs identify projects;

j) Develop project guidelines to assist clubs in developing sustainable projects;

k) Encourage interaction, sharing and friendship between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples;

l) Help create outside funding and partnership opportunities for clubs;